Culligan WH-HD200-C whole house sediment filter

Culligan WH-HD200-C whole house sediment filter

Culligan WH-HD200-C: Best whole house water filter on a tight budget (Sediment-Only)

When we compiled our review of the best whole house water filters for well water, we focused on comprehensive systems to tackle all types of well contamination. However, not every well produces water that needs extensive filtering.

If you’re lucky enough to have a water supply that only has minor aesthetic issues such as iron staining or sediment clouds, the Culligan WH-HD200-C offers whole-home protection for a fraction of the price of other water filters.

Filter stages

Including add-ons

Sediment filter (pre-filter)
Contaminants reducedSediments
Flow rateDepends on cartridge micron size
CapacityUp to 24,000 gallons (depending on cartridge)
Reviews4.6 from +2700 Amazon reviews
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Filter technology

The Culligan WH-HD200-C is effectively a plastic container with a bypass valve that fits a single sediment filter cartridge. As a result, you can use the Culligan filter to reduce undissolved particles in your well water, or turn it off and let the water supply run past without disconnecting the device.

Culligan makes a variety of filter cartridges that fit the WH-HD200, from a 50-micron media to handle larger, visible specs of dirt and dust, down to a 1-micron media to handle the kinds of microscopic particulate that cause clouding and bitter or earthy tastes.

One thing we like about the WH-HD200-C is its clear plastic housing, which allows users to see contaminants building up inside the filter. Because of this, it’s much easier to judge when it’s time to renew the cartridge. No need to unscrew the device or deal with dirty water runoff–just peer inside.

The entire casing of the Culligan has also been certified to NSF standards 372 and 42 for safety and structural integrity.

Culligan water filter cartridge list

Culligan filter cartridge options


The Culligan’s WH-HD200-C is a different type of product from the other filters on this list—with a very different price tag.

It offers the same protection from contaminants as the pre-filter/sediment filter in multi-stage systems, but doesn’t provide sufficient defense against dissolved contaminants or microorganisms.

Depending on the cartridge used, the Culligan does have a minimal ability to filter organic contaminants, but its performance ranks well below tanked systems like the SpringWell ULTRA or Aquasana RHINO. In fact, trying to use the Culligan to filter anything beyond sediments and particulates is unlikely to create noticeably better results than a standard kitchen water filter.

In this sense, the Culligan is designed for water that may be aesthetically unpleasing but is already safe to drink.

Owner reviews (highlights)

  • Long-term reviews of the Culligan filter are mostly positive, with many highlighting the product’s ability to capture large amounts of rust and dirt. Several noted how the low price point allowed them to save a considerable amount of money compared to more intensive filtration products.
  • Two Culligan filters collecting rust (Verified buyer photo)

    Two Culligan filters collecting rust (Verified buyer photo)

    SW2 from 02/19/2021 says: “We bought a 130-year-old house on a well. I put 2 of these Culligan filters in a row. 1st one has a Culligan 25 micron string filter to catch a majority of sediment and rust. 2nd has a Pure plus 5-micron carbon block filter for flavor and to catch what the 1st filter misses…Just look at all that rust”.

  • Reviewers seem to be divided on one aspect of the Culligan filter: the plastic threads used to screw the filter together and connect it to the water supply. Some commenters have documented cracked casings and seals after a short period of use—and a minority even report serious flooding due to leaks from their Culligan filter. However, others have responded that cracks and leaks are the results of over-tightening, de-threading, and general improper fitting of the filter head.
  • To avoid cracks or leaks, Gnatsum (a plumber) from 10/17/2018 says: “Use quality Teflon tape and/or pipe dope. Start by screwing the nipple or fitting in backward until you feel the last thread of the male click into the start of the female thread, then turn it clockwise to tighten it. If it feels really tight it may not have started straight or you have too much Teflon wrapped around the male thread”.

Our verdict

Many wells produce groundwater that has taste or appearance issues, but doesn’t need filtering for health risks. If you know that your water is safe, but want to add some protection against common problems like iron stains and dirt particles, we think the Culligan WH-HD200-C is an effective, low-priced solution.

Filter cartridge replacements

How long a filter cartridge lasts depends upon the quality of the water source and the fineness of filter media.

However, most can expect to replace or clean the Culligan cartridges every 2 months for fine sediments, and up to 6 months for rust and dirt.

RFC-BBSA (medium sediment) $29.72
R50-BBSA (coarse sediment) $12.71

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