SpringWell Ultra Combo Whole House Water Filter Review (2022)

SpringWell ULTRA whole house well water filter & salt-based softener

SpringWell ULTRA whole house well water filter & salt-based softener

SpringWell ULTRA Whole House Well Water Filter Salt-Based System Combo Review

SpringWell stands alone as the only home filtration brand to offer a whole-house system with every type of filter stage, coming in #1 as our best whole house water filter for well water.

When purchased with the optional UV purifier, the ULTRA Whole-House Filter combines 5 filtration stages, giving well owners complete water protection and conditioning—no matter the contamination risk.

The 3-tank, digital-ready system begins with a dedicated iron filter to remove discoloration and poor taste/smells, before sending water through a comprehensive whole-house filter designed to handle hundreds of common pollutants. A 5-micron sediment filter removes any larger particulate (dust, sand, silt, rust, etc.), while a UV purifier destroys pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.

Finally, water is conditioned to remove hardness and scale with either a salt-based ion-exchange softener or a catalytic conditioner (depending on owner preference). We’ve gone with the traditional salt-based softener here.

Despite the number of filter stages, the ULTRA system achieves an impressive flow rate. With similar specs to the Aquasana EQ-1000 below, SpringWell gets an extra 2 gallons per minute (GPM) under regular conditions, which should make a big difference to how you experience the system on a daily basis. Even faster flow rates are possible in different configurations.

SpringWell completes the package with some great customer service. There’s secure financing available, a lifetime warranty, free shipping when purchasing directly from the brand, and a 6-month guarantee on parts.

Filter stagesPre-filter, Carbon filter, UV filter, Water softener
PriceCheck the latest price
Contaminants reducedSediments, metals, organic solubles, microorganisms, hard-water minerals
Flow rate
  • ULTRA system: 9 GPM
  • (Iron-only system: 12 GPM)
  • (UV-only system: 15 GPM)
Capacity10 years or 1,000,000 gallons
Reviews5.0 from 20+ onsite reviews

Filter technology

Whole House Well Water Filter System (Iron filter)

SpringWell’s iron filter uses Air Induction Oxidization (AIO) to remove 7 ppm of iron, 8 ppm of hydrogen sulfide, and 1 ppm of manganese from well water. The benefit of an AIO system is that it’s relatively maintenance-free, simply requiring backwashing to clean contaminants and regenerate the filter bed.

In the ULTRA System, backwashing can be auto-set to occur daily, taking any stress out of the operation.

Whole House Water Filter System (Carbon and KDF filter)

The centerpiece of SpringWell’s ULTRA system is their whole-house filter, which itself contains 4 stages. First, 2 layers of activated carbon media capture a wide range of organic compounds, such as chloramine, pesticides, and volatile organic chemicals.

A copper-zinc KDF filter then cleans water of heavy metals before a sediment filter removes undissolved particles larger than 5 microns. This component is very similar to the well-reviewed sediment filter found in the Pentair Pelican PSE1800 system (reviewed below).

Here’s an in-depth installation video for the ULTRA system from SpringWell, which lays out each filter stage, and how they work together:

SpringWell UV (ultraviolet) Water Filter system (UV purifier)

Unlike other filter stages, UV purifiers don’t remove contaminants from the water supply. Instead, they disrupt the cellular structure of potentially harmful pathogens and microorganisms, rendering them safe to drink.

SpringWell doesn’t develop its own UV technology. Instead, they partner with Luminor, a leading Canadian manufacturer of UV disinfectants. Their Blackcomb 5.1 purifier protects drinkers from 99.9% of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria, and comes with a color LCD screen to update owners on filter status.

When installing a UV purifier, it’s really important to place it after a well-functioning sediment filter stage. This will prevent particulate matter from damaging the UV bulb and shortening the device’s lifespan. With the SpringWell ULTRA’s sediment stage filtering down to 5-microns, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Water Softener System

Unusually for a home filtration brand, SpringWell produces both salt-based and no-salt water softening units, giving well owners a choice when it comes to conditioning. Both units fit seamlessly into the ULTRA system, with comparable results and flow rates.

Using the ion exchange water softener will remove the majority of hard minerals in a water supply, replacing them with softer salts from the system’s resin bed. The Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) conditioner, on the other hand, provides 99.6% scale prevention without the use of salt, by changing the structure of the dissolved minerals.

Owner reviews (highlights)

SpringWell ULTRA whole house well water filter & salt-based softener setup basement

Standard installation (Verified buyer photo)

  • Longer-term feedback on the SpringWell ULTRA is positive, with the vast majority of reviewers mentioning the system’s reliability and consistent performance over 6 months after installation.
  • Christopher from 03/05/21 says: “The installation instructions were easy to follow and it went together without a problem…I’ve called tech support twice and immediately got to talk to a human that knew the system”.
SpringWell ULTRA whole house well water filter & salt-based softener setup outside

Outside installation (Verified buyer photo)

  • Reviews suggest that the ULTRA is particularly effective at removing discoloration, hardness, and water staining. Many purchasers were able to make significant savings by taking advantage of the easy-install design and fitting the system themselves.
  • Sunny from 03/18/21 says “Water was smelling and very yellow with visible sediment…found SpringWell company and decided to try…Result was amazing. Water is clear, no smell. I can drink from the faucet”.


The SpringWell ULTRA is the only whole-house well water system we reviewed to have an optional Bluetooth tank head and accompanying app, which lets you view settings and performance data, as well as activate backwashing and regeneration.

While not necessary for filter function, we appreciate being able to know how our system is performing when away from the house, or simply without having to trek down to the boiler room. We think this a particular benefit for those using the system in a second home/summer cabin.

SpringWell also beats competing brands when it comes to customer service. They offer free FedEx shipping and financing options through third-party provider Affirm. Purchasers can split their payments over 3, 6, or 12 months with a no-hidden fee commitment.

SpringWell filter systems come with a Lifetime warranty against defects (though it’s worth noting that source water must meet certain basic hygiene requirements for the system to remain under warranty)

Our verdict

SpringWell’s ULTRA well water system boasts many best-in-class features. Its speedy flow rate beats Aquasana, its closest rival, while the dedicated iron filter allows it to remove more well water-specific contaminants than similar systems. The ULTRA’s sediment filter is also a strong contender for being the best around.

It’s true that costs can mount if you invest in all of ULTRA’s optional features. However, the price of each individual filter stage is competitive, and the convenience of running everything as a single system ensures value for money. If you need a whole-house well filter that can handle a serious and varied range of contaminants, we think the SpringWell ULTRA is the system for you.

Filter cartridge replacements

UV replacement bulb (lasts up to 1 year) $112.50
Carbon filter media (after 1,000,000 gallons) $334.95
Learn more at SpringWell

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