Aquasana RHINO 1,000,000 Gallon Water Filtration System Review

Aquasana RHINO 1,000,000 Gallon water filtration system

Aquasana RHINO 1,000,000 Gallon

One of the best well water filtration systems, combining both a water filtration and softening system, is the Aquasana Rhino.

This system combines Aquasana’s whole-house filter and conditioner stages to create a complete barrier against threats to water taste, smell, and appearance.

Unlike the SpringWell ULTRA filter, however, the Aquasana RHINO EQ-1000 is missing a dedicated iron filter. This may be a downside for many, given how common iron contamination is in private wells. This version of Aquasana’s filtration system is also without a UV purifier (though this can be added for an extra cost).

Thanks to the large tanks and efficient media beds, the Aquasana matches SpringWell’s 1,000,000 gallon lifespan, and while it can’t quite compete on flow rate, it wins on price. When all filter stages are included, the Aquasana EQ-1000 can be purchased around $1500 less than its main rivals.

The RHINO makes use of the brand’s unique upflow tank design, which reduces clogging or channeling while simultaneously increasing contact time between water and the filter media to maximize contaminant removal.

There’s no ion exchange option here, but the system does contain a highly efficient Scale Control Media (SCM) conditioner, which removes hardness without reducing beneficial minerals (Total Dissolved Solids).

Filter stages

Including add-ons

Pre-filter, Carbon filter, UV filter, Water softener
Contaminants reducedSediments, metals, organic solubles, microorganisms, scale
Flow rate
  • Rhino system: 7 GPM
  • (Conditioner-only system: 7 GPM) (
  • UV-only system: 7 GPM)
Capacity10 years or 1,000,000 gallons
Reviews3.9 from 400+ Amazon reviews
PriceCheck the latest price

Filter technology

RHINO water filter (carbon and KDF filter)

Aqusana’s RHINO filter tank is the heart of the RHINO system and features in all whole-house system configurations. It combines a pre-filter to capture sediment, a carbon filter for organic contaminants and bad tastes, and a copper-zinc KDF filter to capture heavy metals.

Thanks to these 3 types of media, the RHINO captures an impressive range of contaminants, removing lead, mercury, trace metals, rust, sediment, chemical solvents, pesticides, VOCs, and other common pollutants.

Salt-free water conditioner (water softener)

To condition well water once it’s been filtered, the Aquasana RHINO includes a conditioning tank with a Scale Control Media (SCM). This salt-free technology suspends calcium, magnesium, and other scale-causing minerals as water passes through it, without scrubbing desirable minerals from the water supply.


With similar designs and filtering ability, the Aquasana RHINO draws comparisons to the SpringWell ULTRA. Both are popular systems made by reputable brands with positive long-term reviews, and both are capable of intensive filtration of a wide range of contaminants.

With no dedicated iron filter or ion exchange unit, the Aquasana falls behind the SpringWell when it comes to removing dissolved iron and Total Dissolved Solids, which may or may not be an issue, depending on the makeup of the source water.

What sets the Aquasana RHINO apart are its quick-change filter tanks with their upflow structure. Users report seamless tank and cartridge replacement, and only rare instances of clogging or channel formation in comparison to other brands.

Owner reviews (highlights)

  • Reviewers of the Aquasana EQ-1000 give largely positive feedback. They highlight the system’s impressive ability to remove organic impurities, scale and restore water acidity.

PH level test before using Aquasana RHINO water filtration system

PH level test after using Aquasana RHINO water filtration system

Reviewer home testing results (Verified buyer photos)

  • verified customer from 03/11/2017: “I purchased a First Alert home water test and conducted the test several months before installation and again a few days after. The results show a significant change from hard to softer water along with a noticeable decrease and near elimination of the hydrogen sulfide smell”.
2x Aquasana RHINO 1 million gallon water filtration systems setup

(Verified buyer photos – doubled up to achieve 15GPM)

  • A significant number of reviewers cited issues with missing parts upon delivery, as well as difficulties when attempting DIY installation. Commenters highlight the importance of checking all parts are present before starting to install a system, and hiring a licensed plumber who knows how to correctly set up and optimize your new filter.
  • SJT10 from 01/30/2019 says: “I called Aquasana directly for a manifold system so that it could flow 15 GPM. Water quality and taste greatly improved.”

Our verdict

We think the Aquasana RHINO EQ-1000 is one of the best-reviewed filter systems around, which also offers excellent value for money. The brand’s years of experience in home filtration products mean that each stage of this system can stake a claim to being the best in its category.

However, the lack of a dedicated iron filter results in the Aquasana only being able to remove small traces of iron, and no ion-exchange softer option leaves out those customers looking to reduce all Total Dissolved Solids in their water.

Installing the Aquasana RHINO may also require hiring a professional, which can be a negative for some consumers.

Filter cartridge replacements

Replacement RHINO tank (every 10 years) $1,598
Sediment pre-filter $28.88
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