How to clean an old chrome water faucet

Calcified chrome faucet

Chrome fixtures can show up all over our bathrooms.  The sink, towel rack, and tub are some of the most common places.  When they’re clean and sparkling, chrome finishes make the bathroom look clean, modern, and sleek.

However, when chrome fixtures get dirty, dusty, or covered with lime buildup from hard water, they can make the whole bathroom look unkempt and unappealing.  So what are the best ways to clean an old, dirty chrome water faucet?

In this article, we give you the best ways to get an old, dirty chrome faucet looking like new again, and once it’s clean, how to keep it looking that way.

Cleaning A Chrome Faucet

We all know that using soap and water can clean almost anything, and chrome is no exception.  But what do we do if we want a deeper clean and a brighter shine than simply using regular old soap?

Let’s explore 3 super easy DIY methods that you can easily implement to get your chrome shining once again.

lemon cleaning calcified chrome faucet

Keeping Your Faucet Clean

Once you’ve got your chrome faucet sparkling again, you’ll want to keep it clean. One way of ensuring an ever-clean faucet is to do frequent, small cleans. Wiping the faucet dry after each use helps prevent water spots or stains.

Doing a weekly quick clean with soap and water will help stop limescale build-up and soap scum deposits before they get really large and noticeable. If limescale buildup is bad, different types of water filters can help prevent the problem from ever getting to your tap.

Our last option is for the real neat freaks out there. If you want to ensure your chrome is always gleaming for as long as possible, consider investing in some chrome polish.

Different polishes will have different application instructions, but the main idea is to apply the polish after a deep clean, to keep your faucet looking that way. No smudges, stains, or spots.

Cleaning Chrome

We hope the cleaning methods outlined here will help you keep the chrome in your bathroom, and even all around the house, looking brand new.

Happy cleaning!