Treating your mains water supply is a great way to encourage a more positive, wellness lifestyle, but what about when you’re outside of the home? Most of us spend at least some portion of the week in an office, education space, or simply out and about (at least, beyond COVID lockdowns). So why not carry over those filtering benefits to the rest of your weekly routine, with the addition of a filtered water bottle?

Filter water bottles give you peace of mind that all of the water you’re drinking is of good quality, while also lessening your environmental impact and plastic consumption. Here’s our list of the best filtered water bottles available now:

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ Filter] Bottle (Coyote Amber)
  • COMPACT: 16 oz. purifier bottle makes safe, clean drinking water from virtually any freshwater source
  • FAST AND EASY-TO-USE - Ideal for international travelers, hikers, and emergency prep kits
  • REMOVES WATERBORNE PATHOGENS (e.g. Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Rotavirus); Bacteria (e.g. E. coli, Salmonella, Cholera); and Protozoan Cysts (e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium)
  • AWARD WINNING [OnePress] design — Just Fill from any sketchy freshwater source, then Press on a low surface (e.g. ground), then Drink safe water, anywhere
  • FILTERS particulates (e.g. sediment, silt), many chemicals (e.g. chlorine, benzene) and heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic); zero aftertaste, eliminates bad odors, improves clarity and flavor
Epic Nalgene OG | Water Filtration Bottle | Wide Mouth | American Made Bottle | USA Made Filter Removes 99.99% of Tap Water Contaminants Lead Chlorine Chromium 6 Arsenic
  • ★ MULTI-STAGE FILTRATION PROCESS: The Nalgene OG filter uses depth & adsorption filtration to achieve 1 micron contaminant removal. Adsorption removes particulates via the activated coconut carbon fiber mesh surface areas, which adsorbs contaminants such as cysts, heavy metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals & herbicides as they pass by. Depth filtration (6mm thick) involves the removal of suspended waste products as they try to pass through the millions of layers of coconut carbon fiber.
  • ♻ NO MORE EXPENSIVE SINGLE USE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES: The Nalgene OG water filter bottle saves the Earth over 550 plastic water bottles from our landfills & oceans. This USA made eco-friendly organic coconut shell based carbon fiber mesh filter is an environment friendly filtration media that is approved by NSF/ANSI standards. Want this filter technology in a pitcher or under the sink water filter? Visit our Amazon store @
  • ★ SIMPLE, SAFE & AMERICAN MADE: Nalgene provided the legendary OG American Made Bottle, Epic Water Filters provided the American Made Filter: 100% BPA & BPS free durable dishwasher safe Tritan material, 100% approved food grade filter materials, 100% replaceable and recyclable, 100% gluten free, 100% vegan, 100% awesome! Want to get wild? Switch your filter from our "Urban" filter to our "Outdoor Adventure Filter" (not included) for your next outback adventure
  • ★ REUSABLE BY DESIGN: At Epic Water Filters, we believe in building products that never become obsolete, the Epic Nalgene OG is a perfect example. When you invest in an Epic Water Filters Nalgene OG, you get a modular system designed to grow with your family and perform for years to come. Whether you are trying to remove tap water contaminants or taking your Nalgene OG bottle on your next adventure overseas, the interchangeable filter system has you covered no matter where you find yourself.
  • ★ “YOU’LL LOVE IT” GUARANTEE: Our 100% money-back guarantee is as clear as our water. Either you love your American made Nalgene OG, or you send it back and receive a full refund. Our commitment to world-class customer service includes: 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee | Friendly 24-7 phone and email support | No-hassle returns | Expedited "Prime" order delivery option | Promotional discount codes | Water resource center
Brita Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Filter, 32 oz, Jade
  • Brita’s Premium Filtering stainless steel bottle holds 32 ounces of water, and has a filter in the straw that makes water taste great and keeps water cold for 24 hours; Packaging may vary
  • Get great-tasting water without the waste. Switch to Brita and you can replace 1, 800 single-use plastic bottles a year
  • This 32 ounce Brita water bottle is made from durable stainless steel and is double wall insulated to keep water cold for up to 24 hours. Plus, this BPA-free bottle features a leak-proof lid
  • The filter is built in the straw reducing chlorine with every sip. Compatible with all Brita filtering water bottles
  • For the freshest-tasting water, the Brita stainless steel water bottle filter should be replaced about every two months or every 40 gallons

How do filtered water bottles work?

  • Most of the filters you’ll find in a portable water bottle work via activated charcoal cartridges. This is material with a high carbon purity that’s been ground-up and packed into a structure that maximizes surface area. When water runs through the filter, organic carbon-containing compounds such as chlorine and run-off from heavy industry are adsorbed to the charcoal’s surface, leaving you with purer, better-tasting H2O.

  • Other filtered water bottles intended to handle more extreme water sources may use their own, bespoke filtration designs. Many of these utilize ‘squeeze’ mechanisms, requiring the user to manually push water through a series of porous materials. These designs, with the extra manual pressure, often allows devices to gain NSF Standard 53 certifications. This means they’re capable of taking out potentially harmful contaminants found in untreated water sources, such as bacteria and protozoa.

  • Aside from the technical aspects of filtered water bottles, the wider principle of compact filtering devices is to make water treatment as portable as possible, thereby encouraging more use. Instead of needing to head to the kitchen, refrigerator, or work station multiple times per day, a water bottle ensures you always have a steady supply of filtered water, ready to sip.

Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle, 26 Ounce, Sea Glass
  • GREAT-TASTING WATER: This premium water bottle filters as you drink, reducing Chlorine (taste & odor) found in tap water.
  • FILTERED WATER ANYWHERE: This sleek, 26 ounce bottle, fits car cup friendly holders so you can easily enjoy filtered water at home, the office, a sporting event or on a trip abroad.
  • CONVENIENT HYDRATION: Featuring durable, BPA-free, hard-sided plastic, built-in carrying loop, one-handed push button lid, and enclosed straw, this filtering bottle provides effortless hydration anywhere.
  • REDUCE & SAVE: One water bottle filter can replace up to 300 standard 16.9 ounce single-use plastic bottles. Stay hydrated, save money, and reduce plastic waste.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: This filtering water bottle is top rack dishwasher safe. For best results, filter should be replaced every 40 gallons or every two months.

Why are filtered water bottles a good idea?

Public infrastructure

With the water treatment industry focusing on home filter solutions, it can be easy to neglect the fact that many public institutions use tired or outdated infrastructure, which may be a better candidate for filtering than the plumbing in your home.

Schools are a frequent offender here. With children spending at least half their day in the classroom, the benefits of a home filtering can be easily outweighed by an inadequate water fountain. For example, a 2019 Canadian study found unsafe levels of lead in a worrying number of school and daycare settings.

Likewise, many of us spend large portions of our day in offices, commercial buildings, and other public spaces—most of which have uncertain or unclear water treatment policies. Carrying a filtered water bottle allows you to transfer good drinking practices from the home out into the world, giving you the confidence to drink from a wider array of sources.

Daytrips, hikes, and travel

Sometimes a filtered water bottle is more of a necessity than a luxury. In areas where the safety of water can’t be assured—be it a campsite, foreign city, or places with old plumbing infrastructure—carrying a portable filter bottle can mean there’s no need to resort to more intensive sanitation methods such as boiling or chemical treatment.

Good habits = positive effects

Knowing that you always have access to good quality drinking water is a great way to encourage better drinking habits. Because filtering water is an active, physical action (even if it’s simply filling the bottle and letting the filter do its thing), it fits into the category of activities most likely to bring about long-term habit formation and boosts general wellbeing.

The benefits aren’t just personal, however. Filtered water bottles are an environmentally sound solution to portable water—in more than one way. A reusable bottle will significantly reduce your consumption of single-use plastics, while also doing away with the need to introduce chemicals such as iodine or chlorine into sensitive or highly trafficked environments such as backcountry and wilderness areas.


Essentially, yes. Unless a product makes a specific filtering claim, there won’t be too much difference between your average filter water bottle and your average Brita pitcher or faucet-mounted device.

Of course, more intensive home filters, such as those that employ reverse osmosis or distillation, may offer a superior level of contamination removal. Likewise, bottles designed for expedition usage will focus on the most common health hazards found in untreated water.

A filter water bottle cannot replace traditional water treatment methods such as boiling or chemical purification—but they’re also not designed to. Whereas iodine or a three-minute boil should remove all nasty impurities from a water source, including viruses, a filter bottle will only handle microorganisms down to certain micron sizes.

However, that size is usually calibrated to handle the main water concerns for a specific region. In the U.S. and Canada, this includes bacteria like E. coli and salmonella, and protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. If you are planning to use a filter water bottle to turn unsafe water sources into drinking water, always be sure to confirm that a device’s exact specifications are what you really need.

Yes! While the filtering power of bottles may differ across products and brands, all filter water bottles are concerned with producing purer, more drinkable water. As a result, these products encourage more frequent water consumption (with the added bonus on contaminant removal) which can only be good news for your overall health.