SpringWell Water Softeners: Reviews

SpringWell is a popular, well-reviewed filtration brand that focuses on making multi-stage, whole-house filtration systems.

This means that they design filters to tackle several different types of drinking water contamination at the same time. Most of their systems are also intended to last for at least a year before any maintenance or replacement filter media is needed.

SpringWell makes two versions of whole-house water softeners. There’s the SS Series, which is their Salt Based Water Softener System. And the FutureSoft®, which is SpringWell’s Salt-Free Water Softener.

Both the SS water softener and the FutureSoft can be purchased as a standalone device, or as part of one SpringWell’s several combo systems:

The WS-SS includes SpringWell’s iron and sulfur well water filter combined with their salt-based softener, allowing it to remove the four most common well water contaminants: iron, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium.

The SpringWell ULTRA adds a sediment filter and the brand’s standard whole-house filtration tank into the mix, creating a comprehensive home filtration system for highly contaminated water.

Both system combos can also be purchased with the FutureSoft®.

SpringWell WS-SS1
springwell ultra combo whole house water filter and softener

Quick Verdict 1: Which SpringWell system is better?

The SS and the FutureSoft softeners are both popular systems. They are purchased regularly by homeowners with various levels of water hardness across the country.

The technology contained inside both SpringWell softeners is also standard for consumer softening devices:

  • The salt-based system uses an ion-exchange resin bed, where hard mineral ions dissolved into the water supply are chemically attracted salt ions in a brine solution coating the resin. The ions swap place, removing the minerals and softening the water.
  • The FutureSoft uses Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), a softening method where water flows over a media with catalyst points

So which product is better?

For private wells and hard city water

If you get your water from a domestic well or are a city water user in an area of the country with very hard water (e.g. most the southwest, large areas of the south), we think the SpringWell SS offers better value.

It’s rated to remove high amounts of hard minerals, should protect your home appliances from mineral scale damage, and will fix the drying or itchy effects of showering with hard water.

For city water with scale issues

On the other hand, if your water has low-to-moderate levels of hardness, and/or mineral scale is your only major hard water issue, the FutureSoft is a highly convenient system. There’s zero maintenance or salt refills, so you don’t need to do anything to keep the softener running. As FutureSoft sends conditioned water through plumbing systems, it should also have an effect on any existing scale.

A top-rated filtration brand

So, if you have a serious hard water problem, the SS is the SpringWell product for you. Those with medium water hardness that prioritize descaling should be happy the FutureSoft. But either way, we have no problem recommending both SpringWell softener systems.

Quick Verdict 2: Are there better softener systems from other brands?

There are a bunch of salt-based and salt-free water softeners available online, so it makes sense to ask how SpringWell’s softeners compare.

When comparing water softener systems, it can help to split products into value and premium categories:

  • Value softener systems — these softening products are sold by large third-party distributors like Amazon, are usually made entirely from plastic, and have a lower retail price
  • Premium softener systems — these softening products are usually sold directly from brand websites and hardware stores, have larger tanks made from resin or steel, and have a higher retail price

Examples of popular value softener systems include the Whirlpool WHES40E, which uses salt-based softening technology, and the Eddy Descaler, an electronic conditioning device. Both of these systems were featured in our review of the best water softeners for well water.

How does the SpringWell SS stack up against other salt-based softeners?

The SpringWell SS definitely falls into the premium softener system category and is well worth its high price tag thanks to a bunch of industry-leading features. There’s a reliable digital control head that can be set via a Bluetooth smartphone app, a specially designed resin bed to minimize salt bridging, and stress-tested tanks that have been shown to stand the test of time.

Nearest competitors: Pentair NaturSoft

How does the SpringWell FutureSoft stack up against other salt-free conditioners?

Again, the FutureSoft is a premium water conditioner that can hold its own against pretty much any salt-free device on the market. One this to note here is that, like other conditioning devices, there’s no real comparison between the SpringWell FutureSoft’s mineral removal ability and traditional salt-based systems.

Instead of removing hard minerals from the water supply, FutureSoft reformats them to make it harder for scale to form.

Nearest competitors: Aquasana Rhino Conditioner

Next up, let’s take a deeper look at both the SS and the FutureSoft.

SpringWell FutureSoft: Full Review

  • Reviews: 4.5/5.0 from 130+ reviews

  • Softener type: Salt-free (TAC)

  • Capacity: Unlimited


The FutureSoft FS4 water conditioner from SpringWell does not remove minerals from the tap water, unlike other water softeners. In order to prevent scaling and staining, it uses a crystallization process that reforms calcium and magnesium molecules. It’s possible to avoid 99.6% of scale using only this single Template Assisted Crystallization conditioning tank.

Key features

Template Assisted Crystallization is used in the SpringWell FutureSoft to make the water more clean and clear (TAC). This is one of the most common methods for salt-free water softening

Because TAC doesn’t use any chemicals or salts, your water’s composition isn’t changed at all.

  • The ability to condition water that is up to 81 GPG hard.
  • There is a chance that you could get 12-20 gallons per minute of flow.

We recommend the SpringWell FutureSoft for

The SpringWell FutureSoft Conditioner is one of our top picks because of its ability get rid of scale without the need to add salt. That makes it great for people who need treated water but don’t want to sacrifice the health benefits of mineral water.

SpringWell FutureSoft: Customer Reviews

What are people saying about SpringWell’s salt-free water conditioner?

(From 146 verified customer reviews collected by Google, as of January 2022).

Verified 5-star reviews

  • When it comes to water conditioners, the SpringWell FutureSoft has been praised by customers for its superior water pressure and flow rate.
  • Reviewers were impressed with how quickly SpringWell reduced clogs and scale in their home’s plumbing.
  • Several reviewers stated that their home appliances and pipes performed better and lasted longer after using this product.
  • More than a few reviewers expressed relief that they no longer had to resupply their bodies with sodium.

Verified 3/4 star reviews

  • Others in this category were pleased with the FutureSoft conditioner system but found that installation required numerous trips to the hardware shop.
  • Several reviewers thought that the FutureSoft’s water conditioning power was insufficient for water with extremely high levels of hard minerals.

Verified 1/2 star reviews

  • There have been several complaints about delivery issues or incomplete goods.

SpringWell FutureSoft: Specifications

Features SpringWell FutureSoft
Sizes FS1: 1-3 Bathrooms
FS4: 4-6 Bathrooms
FS+: 7+ Bathrooms
Flow rate FS1: 12 GPM
FS4: 15 GPM
FS+: 20 GPM
Tank size FS1: 6 x 35 inches
FS4: 9 x 48 inches
FS+: 13 x 54 inches
Flow direction Upflow
Operating temperature 34-120 F
Operating pressure 20-80 PSI
Ph range 7.0-9.5
Max grains per gallon/salinity PPM 81/35,000

SpringWell Salt-based Softener (SS): Full Review

  • Reviews: 4.5/5.0 from 380+ reviews

  • Softener type: Ion exchange (salt-based)

  • Capacity: 32K – 80K grains
  • Flow rate: 11 – 20 GPM
  • Regeneration features: Digital metered tank head


Traditional salt-based water softeners such as this SpringWell SS series, which use ion exchange to remove hard minerals from the water supply, are among of the most dependable softeners on the market today. You can rely on the SS to keep hard water scale from forming inside your plumbing, your appliances clean, and your skin and hair healthier while also reducing spots on surfaces.

SpringWell Salt-based Water Softener: Customer Reviews

What are people saying about SpringWell’s salt-based water softener?

Here’s how over 350 verified customer reviews collected by Google breakdown, as of January 2022.

Verified 5-star reviews

  • After three months of use, one reviewer gave the SS a glowing rating. They purchased the SS after using a Rainsoft whole-house water softener for nearly two decades.
  • Another 5-star reviewer commented that the SS made a huge difference to the feel of shower water, and that water spots have disappeared.
  • A reviewer who had the SpringWell SS professionally fitted said that they could tell the difference in water softness within an hour of installation.

Verified 3/4 star reviews

  • One reviewer who gave the SS 3 stars said that they encountered issues with leaky O-rings during installation. However, after buying different size O-rings, they were able to get the system functioning correctly and were highly impressed with its softening power.
  • Several weeks following installation, another 4-star reviewer indicated they were very pleased with the results. The following are some helpful hints for anyone preparing for or undergoing installation: “Remember to flush the carbon tank before to installation.”

Verified 1/2 star reviews

  • The majority of reviewers who gave the SpringWell SS a 1 or 2-star review were delivered incorrect or faulty items. Most were able to resolve their issues after some back and forth with the SpringWell Customer Service team.

SpringWell Salt-based Water Softener: Specifications

Features SpringWell SS
Size Options 1 – 7+ bathrooms
Flow rate 11 – 20 service GPM
Tank capacity 32,000 – 80,000 grains
Flow direction Up flow
Operating temp 36 – 120 Fahrenheit
Operating pressure 25 – 80 PSI

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SpringWell WS-SS1

  • Targets: Hard minerals, Iron
  • Flow rate: 11 GPM
  • Capacity: 32,000 grains
  • Price: $3124
  • Rating: ★★★★★

Combine the SpringWell SS with their powerful iron filter, which took the top spot in our review of the best iron filters for well water.

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