SpringWell vs. Pelican: Reviews & Comparisons

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Powerful softening

As two of the biggest and most popular water filtration brands, SpringWell and Pelican (now known as Pentair) produce comprehensive filtration systems that have accumulated 1000’s of 5-star reviews over the last few years.

But which filtration brand is the best?

Springwell vs pelican whole house filtration systems

SpringWell and Pelican develop their own filtration technology, such as Bluetooth tank heads that make it easy to monitor your system when away from the house, and UpFlow systems to improve filtering efficiency. Both brands use high-quality materials stainless steel and chrome wraps to increase the lifespan of their products.

With so much in common, it can be difficult to choose between Pelican and SpringWell. But as someone who’s spent hundreds of hours reviewing the best water filter systems online, I’ve found that SpringWell filtration systems tend to offer the best value for most homeowners.

Here’s why – plus a detailed comparison of SpringWell vs Pelican buying factors.

What’s on this page?

This page compares SpringWell and Pelican (now: Pentair) filtration systems by the most important consumer factors. Jump to:

SpringWell vs Pelican: head to head

Product comparison

Buying factor SpringWell Pelican Winner
Water softening Salt-based or salt-free. Highly-rated salt-based system. Great for very hard water Salt-based or salt-free. Most popular salt-free conditioner in the US Tied
Whole-house filtration Sediment and carbon stages Sediment and carbon stages Tied
Iron removal Dedicated iron stage included in all well water systems Iron stage available as a separate unit SpringWell
Lead removal Dedicated lead and cyst filter option Some lead protection via carbon tanks SpringWell
Well water contaminants Offers full, single system protection including UV purifier and iron filter stage UV purifier and iron filter available separately SpringWell
Fluoride removal No specific fluoride option Dedicated fluoride filter Pelican
Remote tech Bluetooth tank heads Brine tank salt level sensor SpringWell

Shopping comparison

Buying factor SpringWell Pelican Winner
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty Between 1-5 years SpringWell
Sales Multiple sale events per year, including Black Friday Multiple sale events per year Tied
Customer service Online chat, email, phone support, 6-month satisfaction guarantee Online chat, email, phone support, tech support line SpringWell
Shipping and Delivery Free shipping over $29 + Products dispatched within 24 hours Free shipping over $49 SpringWell
Customer reviews Thousands of onsite and 6-month reviews Thousands of onsite reviews + positive verified reviews from Consumer Affairs Pelican

Shop SpringWell and Pelican (Pentair) filters

Browse the entire range of filtration solutions from two of the country’s most popular water filter brands:

SpringWell vs Pelican: product comparison

Winner – SpringWell

Both SpringWell and Pelican use a modular filtration system design which means that their products can be used for almost any filtering nee—from softening municipal city water to providing coverage against contaminants in private domestic well water.

With each system, it’s up to the consumer to decide which filtration stages are most relevant for their local water supply. Check out our articles on common city water contaminants and common well water contaminants to see what you might be facing.

(And if you use a domestic well, here’s our page on how to test well water to find out exactly what kind of filtering technology you need.)

Comparison overview

When it comes to filtering power, these two brands are pretty close, meaning that most people are happy with either purchase. Let’s go through each filtration stage that can form part of your filtration system and see which brand comes out on top for most people.

Product comparison: Key points
Water softening Tie
Whole-house (carbon) Tie
Well water contaminants SpringWell
Iron & lead removal SpringWell
Fluoride removal Pelican

Water softeners

Water softeners are used by homes on city and well water to remove hard minerals that can clog pipes and appliances, as well as making water feel unpleasant when showering.

Both Pelican and SpringWell offer salt based and salt-free water softening tanks.

Salt based water softeners tend to be more effective at softening very hard water. But they need to be refilled with new salt periodically. Salt-free water softeners are still effective at reducing moderate hardness but they last much longer than traditional systems.

This one’s pretty much a tie between SpringWell and Pelican—although Pelican does offer a neat salt level sensor, which is a WiFi device that clips onto the softener tank and will tell you when it’s time for a refill.

Carbon tanks (standard whole house filters)

The main component of any substantial whole-house water filter is the sediment/pre-filter and the carbon filtration tank.

Again, both Pelican and SpringWell are great choices here.

Each offer million-gallon capacities, which tend to last for around 10 years depending on the contamination levels in your water. Pelican also have a smaller 600,000 gallon option for single-occupancy homes.

The retail price for both whole-house filters is similar and both brands have frequent sales where you can pick up a good deal. Both also offer very similar (if not identical) sediment filters, which help to remove small, undissolved particles that can damage your pipes or filter tanks.

Both Pelican and swim Springwell offer premium whole house filter carbon filters in various sizes to fit homes with up to seven bathrooms. We think SpringWell just wins this category, thanks to a maximum flow rate of 17 GPM versus Pelican’s max of 12.

Well water systems

The type of filtration stages needed to purify well water can change depending upon individual well quality. But in general, well systems contain sediment and carbon filters, with the option to add on a softener, UV purifier, and iron-specific stage.

SpringWell and Pelican both make modular well filtration systems that remove hardness, common contaminants, and microorganisms.

However, most filtration experts recommend SpringWell systems for homeowners with private wells, thanks to the brand’s impressive iron-specific filter stage. While Pelican also offer an iron filter, no brand comes close to SpringWell’s reputation for targeting iron.

A correctly chosen Pelican system will provide protection from common well contaminants. But if your well water suffers from heavy concentrations of iron and manganese, the SpringWell well system filter can’t be beaten. (Check out our full review of well water filters here.)

Iron & lead removal

Two metals are often top of the list of concerns when shopping for whole-house filters. If you’re on city water, it’s potential lead contamination from old piping. If you’re a well user, it’s ferrous and clear-water iron that causes discoloration and staining.

We think that SpringWell leads the way for both iron and lead filtering.

Springwell’s lead and cyst removal system has a 100,000-gallon capacity and is rated to remove over 99.95% of heavy metals, cysts chlorine, and other contaminants. Their iron filter removes up to 8 PPM of iron, as well as manganese and some hard minerals.

If you’re looking for a whole-house filter that specifically targets and removes lead or iron, you’re better off with a SpringWell unit.

Fluoride removal

Adding fluoride to municipal water is a common practice that has been occurring for decades. Recently, however, researchers have begun to question the health value of supplementary fluoride, given the amount of fluoride found in common dental products, primarily toothpaste. An excess of fluoride is known to be associated with certain degenerative conditions.

Unlike SpringWell, Pelican offers a dedicated fluoride water filter that you can add to your whole house system.

Pelican’s fluoride filter runs at a high flow rate of up to 15 GPM, so it won’t restrict faucets or appliances. It uses a special bone char carbon element to absorb fluoride chemicals.

Pelican goes the extra mile for those with fluoride concerns by producing a fluoride-specific filter with a specially-designed filtration media.

SpringWell vs Pelican: shopping experience

Winner – SpringWell

We recommend buying SpringWell and Pelican water filters direct from the manufacturer, as this guaranteed the best price and latest deals on warranties and delivery.

Let’s look at how these two brands compare in terms of shopping experience.

SpringWell shopping experience

SpringWell is known for their best in class warranty, which offers protection across the lifespan of filter tanks and valves.

All orders above $29.00 qualify for free shipping and are usually dispatched within 24 hours.

Because their products are made entirely within the US, from design to packaging, there’s a reduced risk of shipping delays or missing parts.

They also offer a 6-month money-back guarantee, for the ultimate peace of mind when making an investment in their pricier systems.

SpringWell has a free, dedicated customer service line with representatives based in the US. Reports from customers suggest that this service offers helpful, practical buying and installation advice.

Pelican shopping experience

Pelican’s warranty covers the majority of their products for between 1 and 5 years, depending upon the exact components included in a system. A minority of components, such as UV purifier casings, are warrantied for up to 10 years.

They offer free shipping on orders over $49 and claim to provide no-hassle returns.

In addition to a customer service phone line, Pelican also offers a dedicated tech support line, open Monday-Saturday, for current filter users experiencing issues with their product.

SpringWell edges the shopping experience category over Pelican thanks to a more generous warranty and an impressive 6-month satisfaction guarantee.

However, both brands have great shipping options, frequent sale events, safe payment installment plants, and responsive customers service teams with online chat, email, and phone communications. We especially like Pelican’s dedicated tech support line for installation help.

SpringWell vs Pelican: long term reviews

Winner – SpringWell

Looking at the opinions of current owners of SpringWell and Pelican filtration systems can provide valuable insights into how their products perform over the months and years after purchase.

Let’s see how customer reviews for SpringWell and Pelican stack up.

SpringWell long term reviews

SpringWell’s own website (buyer beware), hosts over 2000 positive reviews, which highlight water quality, water taste, and customer service.

When we did a deep dive into long-term reviews of SpringWell’s whole-house system, we found that “the majority of reviewers mentioned the system’s reliability and consistent performance over 6 months after installation.”

SpringWell doesn’t have any reviews registered on Consumer Affairs.

Pelican long term reviews

Pelican’s own website (buyer beware), also registers more than 2000 reviews, 80% of which would recommend their chosen product to other consumers.

Consumer Affairs has collected 50+ verified reviews from Pelican filtration products, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. Reviewers highlight the performance and certified components of Pelican products while warning about price and the integrity of some plastic fittings.


If you’re in the market for a whole-house water filter system and you’re considering SpringWell or Pelican, you’re in the right place. Along with Aquasana, these two brands represent the best in modern home filtration technology.

If we had to decide between the two, however, we think SpringWell represents better value for most users, especially if you have a domestic well.

SpringWell’s products are designed to tackle some of the most common, dangerous, and frustrating water contaminants such as iron and lead, while their 6-month guarantee and lifetime warranty help to build consumer trust.