Pentair (Pelican) PSE 1800-PUV Review: Best UV Well Water Filtration System

Pentair Pelican PSE1800-PUV-7 well water filter & softener

Pentair Pelican PSE1800-PUV-7

The Pentair PSE1800 whole-house system just missed out on the top spot as the best well water filtration system. But as one of our runner-up choices, it’s still a mighty water treatment device with the ability to remove all common harmful contaminants from your water supply.

Pentair PSE1800 tanks and filter stages are a little more expensive than similar models from Aquasana and SpringWell, but they offer equal filter power with premium construction materials like stainless steel-wrapped tanks.

The brand invests in their own proprietary filter tech, including their NaturSoft® conditioning system, which is third-party confirmed to prevent 99.6% of scale. Another thing that sets Pentair’s technology apart is their up-flow tanks, which have no moving parts and don’t require an electronic head—maximizing lifespan and versatility.

Filter stages

Including add-ons

Pre-filter, Carbon filter, UV filter, Water softener
Contaminants reducedSediments, metals, organic solubles, microorganisms, scale
Flow rate7 GPM
Capacity1,000,000 Gallons
Reviews4.9 from 90+ onsite reviews
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Filter technology

5-Micron Sediment Pre-filter System

The Pentair PSE1800 uses a standard sediment filter to remove contaminants bigger than 5 microns (20 times smaller than a human hair). This provides a first-pass of the water supply and helps to protect the later filter stages from large particulates.

Carbon Series premium whole house water filtration system

The PSE1800’s main whole-house stage combines Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), made from fine-ground coconut shells, and a copper-zinc KDF filter. It can effectively remove pesticides, herbicides, pharma and industrial chemicals, and dozens of other unwanted compounds.

Stand-out aspects here include stainless steel wrapping, helping to protect and regulate the tanks. Also notable is Pentair’s upflow design, which allows for backwashing without mechanical input, meaning there’s no need to plug the filter head into an outlet.

Trojan UV Max Purifier

Like SpringWell, Pentair uses outsourced technology in their UV purifier, which possesses the same effectiveness as the other UV filters above. It’s able to remove over 99% of pathogens, and according to owner reviews, has no issues with reliability or performance.

Pentair NaturSoft® Water Softener Alternative

To condition tap water, Pentair filters use the brand’s own NaturSoft mechanism, which can treat water up to 75 grains of hardness, with just 3 seconds of contact between the water and media. As a catalytic crystal-based system, it also doesn’t add salt to achieve water softness.

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