Given that some researchers believe that ionized or alkaline water can lead to potential health benefits or ward off some diseases, drinking it has recently become popular.  Others may simply enjoy the taste of ionized water.

In either case, those who drink ionized water also know that it can be expensive when store bought, so ionizing it yourself at home can help save some time and money.  In this article, we lay out the basic make-up of ionized water, how it’s made, and briefly discuss the potential benefits.

What is Ionized Water?

Everything we put in our body has a specific level of acidity or pH.  The pH scale ranges from 0 (extremely acidic) to 14 (extremely alkaline or basic).  What’s more, the human body also has a tight pH range, typically around 7.4, slightly on the alkaline side of the scale.  It is required to maintain this range in order to survive.

Because of the potential health benefits that may come along with a more alkaline diet (more on those later), processing water to make it more alkaline has become increasingly popular.  Typically, tap water has a pH level of about 7, while ionizing it changes the pH level to around 7.5 – 9.

So, although there are many methods of ionizing water, in essence, they all involve adjusting the acidity level in the water to make it more alkaline.

How Do I Ionize Water?

What are the Potential Benefits of Ionized Water?

Ionized or alkaline water has been a somewhat controversial topic, with some claiming that there are no demonstrated benefits, and others claiming that it helps fight off specific diseases or conditions.  To date, there aren’t too many peer-reviewed studies examining the relationship between health and ionized water, so the jury is still out.

In order to potentially help balance out our pH levels, especially for those who eat and drink very acidic things like coffee and alcohol or sugary treats, proponents of ionized water maintain that it helps them keep their body more alkaline.

If the diet is too acidic, they claim, the body’s internal environment can be more susceptible to diseases like cancer.  Moreover, supporters claim that alkaline water may protect against free radicals, which can potentially damage DNA and lead to serious problems, including cancer.

Alkaline water drinkers also claim that a more alkaline diet can help protect against excess inflammation, and the host of other medical conditions that can come with it.

Longer life is also a potential benefit.  In a mouse study, those mice who drank alkaline water lived longer than those who didn’t.  Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the same effect will occur in humans, but it does signal the need for more research.

A senior African American Man drinking water after a workout

There may also be some digestive health benefits.  One study found that an alkaline, mediteranian diet, along with alkaline water, helped prevent symptoms of acid reflux.  Additionally, one rat study showed that alkaline water can help in treating bowel function dysfunctions like constipation and diarrhea.

Ionizing Water

Although more studies are required to firmly establish a link between alkaline water consumption and positive health outcomes in humans, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist either.  If you enjoy drinking ionized water, know that the options discussed in this article can all help you save a little time and money by giving you access to clean, ionized water more frequently and easily.