How to change your Whirlpool water filter

Of all common types of home water filter, built-in refrigerator filters are one of the most convenient ways to get clean, filtered water for drinking, making ice, and washing food.

But having a fridge with a water dispenser also means you’ll need to occasionally change out the filter. If you have a trusted brand like Whirlpool, this process is easy and straightforward.

whirlpool refrigerator water filter

In this article, let’s go through the quick and easy steps for changing the water filter on your whirlpool refrigerator.

Why Change The Water Filter?

Because of the convenience of using the water dispenser in your fridge, they are usually used a lot, especially if you live in a multi-person household. From filling up water bottles for the soccer game to cooking to filling everyone’s water glass at dinner, the water dispenser can take a lot of mileage.

As a result, your water filter will need to be changed routinely in order to keep the water and ice-cold, fresh and free of contaminants.

Typically, whirlpool recommends changing the filter once every six months or so. If your filter gets heavy daily use, it might even benefit from more frequent changes.

How do you know when it’s time to change the filter? Your whirlpool fridge should be equipped with a light that will come on when it’s time to swap in a new filter. Alternatively, if you have an older fridge, make a note to change the filter every time you reset the clocks for daylight savings.

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Close up of refrigerator water filter indicator light on

Changing The Water Filter

The first step is to locate your filter in your fridge.  For most whirlpool fridge models, the filter will be either at the base of the fridge in the grille area (usually the bottom left) or will be inside the fridge in the top right-hand corner.

Changing a Whirlpool Brand Water Filter

Although there are a few small differences between fridge models, overall, the process of changing a water filter on a whirlpool fridge is relatively quick and easy.