APEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System

APEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System

APEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System Review

Of all the filtration systems we reviewed in our list of the best whole-house water filters for well water, few models offer as impressive value for money as the APEC 3-stage filter.

Like SpringWell ULTRA and Culligan HD-200, APEC’s 3-Stage Whole-House Filter System includes a dedicated iron-removal stage. By using a high-purity manganese dioxide media, it can turn ferrous iron dissolved in the water supply into insoluble iron, which is then picked up by the later carbon filter stage.

While it’s not suitable for well owners with concerns about pathogens and microorganisms, the APEC system is a great option for those looking for a lower-priced, tankless filter.

Filter stages
including add-ons
Prefilter, Iron filter, Carbon filter
Contaminants reduced Sediments, metals, organic solubles
Flow rate 15 GPM
Capacity 80,000 gallons
Reviews  4.6 from 50+ Amazon reviews
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Filter technology

Sediment filter

As every good well water filter should, the APEC begins with a sediment filter that helps to reduce the amount of sand, silt, and rust present in the water supply.

The sediment screen that comes supplied with the APEC is rated at 30 microns, which is around half the thickness of a human hair. While this isn’t a best-in-class rating, you can still expect this system to handle a good deal of visible clouding and non-visible dirt.

APEC also says that the pre-filter cartridge is washable and reusable, helping to save on the cost of replacements.

Iron filter

One of the great things about the APEC filter is that, despite its lower price, it contains a dedicated iron removal stage. As one of the most common well water contaminants, iron can appear in both dissolved and undissolved forms in the water supply. To reduce dissolved iron, the APEC Whole-House Filter uses manganese dioxide media, which converts soluble iron into ferric iron, which is then captured by the next filter stage.

According to owner reviews, this method of iron filtration is highly effective at resolving water taste and staining issues resulting from iron contamination, without significantly affecting water pressure.

Granular activated carbon (GAC) filter

The APEC finishes its treatment cycle with an activated carbon stage, helping to remove any remaining organic impurities and bad tastes. Here, however, the GAC media is particularly essential, as it’s designed to remove the insoluble iron produced by the previous stage of the system.

Our verdict

While each of the three stages in the APEC filter uses basic filtering technology, reviews suggest that they are extremely effective, and provide solid filtering power at a great price.

Another great benefit of using a tankless filter like the APEC is that you’re unlikely to see any noticeable drop in flow rate, so you can keep your appliances and faucets running without any slow down.

If your well contains water that’s safe to drink but is contaminated with common substances like iron and sediment, we think the APEC is a worthwhile, cost-efficient choice.

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